Downtown Chicago City Hall Elopement

June 14, 2022

I was SO thrilled when Mikaila Dusenberry Photography asked me to associate shoot this Chicago City Hall Elopement for them! This was my first Chicago City Hall Elopement and couldn’t have asked for a better couple.

Wenya and Damon chose this date of May 20 for such a special reason. In Chinese, the date of May 20 and May 21st sound similar to “I Love You”! This was such a cool thing to learn while waiting for their City Hall appointment. Not that anyone needs a reason, but these two also chose to elope because they already felt married! They just needed that legal paperwork and to celebrate with a few friends afterwards and that was their perfect day.

After their appointment (Finally married! Woo!) we walked over to the river to get some gorgeous downtown photos and then to their apartment for some fun puppy photos with their 2 month old dog Nana! Talk about a perfect day.